A leader in the Schüco fixtures sector for designers and private clients, Finextrhaus is a company from Canicattì (Agrigento), who pay particular attention to the beauty of windows and doors, the technology of their construction, savings and durability.

The fixtures we put in place in every home or building have a vital role in delivering a high degree of energy efficiency in the home, as well as aesthetic harmony, living comfort and security against external intrusion.

Why choose Finextrhaus?

You can count on a reliable partner in the fixtures sector, on the strength of a company with decades of experience, which is identified in its environmental and energy saving objectives.


A new generation of Schüco windows proposes a system suitable for all requirements:

•Functional and aesthetic benefits with the many architectural features and configuration.

•High thermal insulation with reduced depths

•Narrow face width sections up to 65mm

The new generation of AWS windows and fixtures take you to a futuristic, eco-sustainable architecture without sacrificing
comfort and safety.

At Finextrhaus you can find the highest quality windows, which are thermally insulated and enjoy the unbeatable advantages of aluminium:




All qualities that are also found in oversized windows and
Schüco window systems and fixtures in the province of Agrigento


Sliding Doors: They save and create space
When the sunshine and fresh air finally arrives, it’s nice to eliminate the confines of the house in a few steps: Schüco helps you to do it with their high-tech sliding and folding door systems.
Systems which allow to obtain save space, since the flowing of the door is parallel to the fixed element as opposed to rotating. Due to their large surface, these sliding doors are light and airy.

Quiet and easy to handle
The Schüco lifting and sliding doors allow passage to the outside in a direct and noiseless manner. With the sliding folding doors being almost entirely made of glass partitions. However, the parallel sliding and folding doors combine the advantages of the slip and the fore: the door elements "glide" on rollers with ball bearings, making it easy to move and open the flap.

The sliding doors have high thermal insulation requirements, with a contribution from the glass and the frame, above all the B-pillar. Schüco doors and windows have thermally insulated profiles and high quality gaskets, providing an optimal solution for saving energy.

All Schüco door systems are characterized by refined aesthetics and perfect functionality.
Schüco sliding doors are characterized by easy handling and variety of design. On request there are several variants for the interior, for example doors for the passage from one room to the veranda.

Scroll by pressing a button - Schüco e-slide
The new Schüco e-slide is given with the sliding door, which opens automatically (automatic doors).
The sliding element is unlocked, raised and pushed laterally by means of a motor device. It is activated with a simple touch or via a centralized/decentralized command.

Entrance doors

The front door is the business card of your home or office. To represent a central visual reminder of entry, the right combination of door frame, panel and handle is essential for a harmonious and elegant image.
This is why Schüco offers window products that meet your needs in terms of design, features, quality and functionality.

First choice: aluminium
In Italy, many front doors are made from aluminium, given that one part of this material ensures a slender appearance, even in the presence of large surfaces with high performance from a static point of view; on the other, it allows a variety of colours and unparalleled user convenience.
The doors are exposed to greater stresses than the windows, and for that the material contributes to a long-term life, due to its high stability.

Technology for your wellbeing
The automatic opening and closing mechanisms allow a greater comfort in the automatic door industry, above all the fingerprint reader which stores the unmistakable features of a finger, evaluating them. In this way, access is granted only to authorised visitors. Just move your finger outside the door to open it. It’s so simple!
Alternatively, it is possible for the automatic door to be opened with a simple click of the remote control. A remote-controlled system, already known in vehicles, which allows you to quickly access your home even with your hands full.
A future already real, with innovative Schüco products!


The extreme stability of aluminium enables us to create structures with large face widths and particularly large areas of glass for maximum transparency and input of light.
From folding doors with high thermal insulation sliding to interior sliding doors with no insulation, Schüco offers a variety of doors and windows.
The models of the system, designed for internal and external use, can be combined with each other in a uniform manner thanks to their common design.

The Schüco folding and sliding aluminium systems

Different versions available – from no thermic insulation up to a high level of thermic insulation
Narrow face widths
Wide range of shapes and designs
Burglar-resistant up to WK2
Surveillance of the opening and closing is possible
Connection to the main building automation system is possible
Available with an optional Schüco e-slide
Excellent acoustic insulation

Schüco sliding doors slide on anticorrosive stainless steel rails. All its moving parts move on a flat with no annoying doors that open outwards into otherwise empty spaces.
The surfaces can be made in various colours, both inside and outside.


  • Schüco ASS 28 SC.NI
Schüco ASS 28.NI and Schüco 28 SC.NI – systems with an economic solution for the needs of the interior, especially in cases where insulation is not required. The door profile differs due to 90° splices (ASS 28 SC.NI) and 45° cuts (ASS 28.NI).

  • Schüco ASS 32 SC.NI / ASS 32.NI
Uninsulated systems with cost-effective solutions and at low cost, for sliding doors and to create a fitting of the interior environments, or where thermal insulation is not required.

  • Schüco ASS 32 SC
An intelligent and space-saving solution by Schüco ASS 32 SC system for sliding doors and windows: the doors disappear completely into the wall resulting in optimal exploitation of the environment, even in the case of being completely open to the elements.

  • Schüco ASS 43 / 48
These Schüco systems (Aluminium Sliding System) are high-quality insulated sliding systems, characterized by high flexibility and versatility. The frames can be combined with various types of doors for different designs and colours.

  • Schüco ASS 50.NI
Suitable for indoor installation as well as in environments where special thermal insulation is not required, the sliding doors of the Schüco ASS system 50.NI allow large openings and transparent effects.


  • Schüco ASS 50
The sliding doors of the system allow you to create large openings and are easy to handle, with 3 sliding guides, up to 2/3 the amplitude of the elements, even with reduced need of space.

  • Schüco ASS 70.HI
Lift-sliding system that meets the high demands of energy regulation. The lift-sliding doors system is quiet and extremely easy to use, providing access to balconies, patios and verandas.

  • Schüco ASS 100 PS.HI
A high resistance sliding doors and windows system, for the benefit of buildings of considerable height. A window and door system that gives a harmonious appearance to the facade.

  • Schüco ASS 50 FD.NI
In environments where thermal insulation is not required, this sliding door and window system is the best choice. A completely open design, the system can be used to expand business premises, offices or areas of passage. 

  • Schüco ASS 70 FD
The thermally insulated sliding doors can be folded like a book, with a minimum of effort, both inwards and outwards, positioned to the right and/or left. All elements slide on trolleys.

  • Schüco ASS 78 TC
Aluminium-wood sliding doors system have the characteristics and the advantages of a high quality system, creating a large internal window feature with the warmth of wood.

  • Schüco e-Slide
Schüco sliding door systems operated at the push of a button or other actuating device such as a switch, fingerprint or remote control, enabling you to effortlessly operate the sliding doors.

Facades and roofs: a combination of creativity and technology

A central and fundamental element in the architectural design of public and private building exteriors.
Schüco facades are flexible systems, with aesthetically pleasing facades, all-glass curtain walls, high-tech and synergistic facades.

These facades allow for the most innovative architectural solutions, which are always guaranteed by the technical security of Schüco systems.


•Complete systems with aluminium and steel profiles.
•Any type of facade can be made, including double-skin facades.
•Near full coverage can be achieved, with a great variety of patterns to allow maximum light.
•Open at insertion, with any type of opening
•Innovative techniques of facade management
•Modern anti-fire and anti-smoke systems .
•Facade structures can be made to comply to all strength classes

Thanks to the versatility of the complete program of Schuco systems, aluminium facades with different architectural conceptions can be constructed.
Even with the standard elements of the system, the options that can be made allow for the creative space of the architect and designers – and special solutions are always based on verified systems.

Aluminium systems for facades and roofs

Aluminium is a material that symbolises the future of building; it is energy-efficient and offers a harmonious solution that satisfies the many architectural and technological demands for the transparent facades and roofs that are now becoming popular.

Even today, Schüco proposes a modular system in aluminium, through which architects, designers and workesr can complete projects with the best performance in terms of energy, security, automation and design.

From facades to mullions and transfoms, from listed buildings in steel and wood to structural glazing facades and looms.
The system is comprehensive with a wide range of varied elements that can be opened at insertion.


  • Mullion-Transom Facades
The Schuco modular system offers a rich program of systems for mullion-transom facades, with which a variety of architectural projects can be constructed. 

  • Reported structures
Architecture also expresses through the choice of different materials, like with reported constructions on substructures in wood and steel Schuco, for vertical facades or roofs.  

  • Structural facades
This system for an all-glass facade contains elements that can open as well as fixed elements that are integrated into the bearing structure and are invisible from both the inside and outside. Can be inserted into the mullion-transom facades FW50+ and FW60+ Schuco, with slim profiles in metal.

  • Synergistic facades
An eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative in comparison with traditional filling structures, achieved through the integration of solar panels (PV modules) into the building exterior. In this environment, the PROSOL Schuco system technologies offer extraordinary solutions for solar architecture with affordability and new design rules.

  • Schüco E2 Facade
A system for high integration facades, Schuco E2 intelligently brings together plant design and installation on the exterior of the building, through the integration of high-performance solar protection and solar energy production. Modules can be inserted for decentralized cooling.  

  • Schüco Facade for Passive houses
Schüco FW 50+.SI and FW 60+.SI systems are certified for passive houses and allow for the construction of aluminium facades of a quality needed for passive houses. Only Schuco offers this type of system.


  • Facade elements
For architectural projects of a certain dimension, even with high-value materials, which need careful planning of construction time and placement as well as economic verification.

  • Opening elements
Frames for a vast range of Schüco doors and windows, offering architects and designers the most varied solutions for the open elements of a facade or roof.

  • Solar protection
Optimisation of the interface between facades and solar protection to guarantee fast and precise installation while safeguarding the design and the mechanical characteristics of the systems from the elements. 

  • Anti-seismic
For all of your anti-seismic needs we offer optimal design, quality materials, avantguard solutions and technical knowhow. These are the instruments that make a difference during an earthquake. Schuco facade systems have always had each of these wualities, and are also certified by Architectural Testing.

  • Schüco ERC 50 for facade renewal
With the best savings and energy-efficiency, as well as constant progress in the planning, construction and installation process. Designed for manufacturers, designers and carpentry companies.


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